Jennifer Sandal

 I grew up on a family farm in North East South Dakota raising cattle, sheep and pigs. Helping my dad with chores are some of my most fond memories, but among them I distinctly remember building new fence with my brothers and fixing old fence with my dad. To some this is a very strange job to “like”, but I remember the self-gratification I felt at the end of the job taking a step back and looking at the progress we made and how great it looked. These are the values and lessons that Todd and I look forward to passing on to our children through our business.

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Todd Sandal

Growing up in Western South Dakota fencing in the Cheyenne River Breaks was no easy task. The terrain is rough, the soil is shale and the temperature is usually 100+ during peak fencing season. This is where my fencing roots began. While we call North Eastern South Dakota home, growing up on the Sandal family ranch instilled at a very young age the value of a hard day’s work and the value of a dollar.